New Car Protection Package

Price: $295 - $495

If you have recently purchased a new vehicle or plan to do so you should consider protecting the paint and the interior with our New Car Protection Package. Car dealerships charge upwards of $1000 and they usually just have some part-time high school kid doing the work. Our New Car Protection Package will protect your new vehicle’s interior and exterior components. It is recommended that you have us re-seal the painted surfaces on an annual basis. To be eligible for this package your vehicle should be 60 days older or less. The newer the better!

Exterior protection includes:

  • Hand wash and clay paint to remove environmental fallout
  • Glaze and polish painted surface to make paint smooth and slick
  • Machine apply Bling Bling Poly Sealant – Will protect up to 12 months!
  • Condition tires and trim
  • Clean windows and mirrors to perfection

Interior protection includes:

  • Vacuum interior and check for carpet/mat stains
  • Apply Detail King Fabric Protection to carpets and mats
  • Condition leather seating surfaces
  • Condition vinyl trim (per your request)
  • Clean windows and mirrors to perfection
  • * Note if vehicle interior is dirty additional cost may occur to prep for this package.