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Benefits Of Having Your Car "Clayed"

Today's cars are painted with a clear coat of paint to meet EPA standards. This coat of clear paint is very soft and susceptible to environmental pollutants like acid rain, hard water, ocean mist spray, UV rays, and other microscopic surface contaminants.

Having your car's painted surfaced "clayed" will remove the surface contaminants and not allow them to imbed themselves deep into the clear coat layers and eventually cause the base coat to spot. There are many other benefits of having your cars paint clayed. Clay can also save precious mills of clear-coat finish by removing the pollutants that can breakdown the clear coat seal.

We at Bling Bling Detail King use special auto detailers' clay to remove the environmental pollutants that may have accumulated in your clear coat painted surface. Generally buffing will not remove all of the fallout; the benefit of using the clay will remove those pollutants. You may also want to have us clay your paint if we come back and wash it periodically.

We use a specially formulated clay bar that will not remove any of the sealant or wax protection. Bling Bling Detail King does not charge extra to use detailing clay for our details. Many detailing outfits in Orange County do not even know what detailing clay is. Educating our customers is important so you understand how to cosmetically maintain your cars painted surface.