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Express Detailing Orange County

New Express Detailing Services

Express Detailing Orange County

Many of you have been asking for a premium "spruce up" auto detailing service which we previously never offered. For years Bling Bling Detail King has only offered very complete auto detailing services and packages. Not all vehicles today need a "complete" auto detailing service so we recently developed "Express Auto Detailing" services for vehicles that just need a good coat of exterior protection and cleaning, and "freshening up" of the interior. If your vehicle has never been detailed before and needs a more in-depth interior cleaning and exterior buffing service then you may want to consider our "full-service" auto detailing services. Our "full- service" menus can be found here: Interior Detailing ServicesExterior Detailing Services.

Express Detailing Orange County

The “Blitz” Express Detailing Package - $100 - $150

Hand Wash – Vehicle is hand washed with our Black Cherry Car Wash Shampoo and then chamois dried. Wheels, wheel wells and tires and scrubbed and cleaned. Bug splatters, tar and road grime are chemically removed.

Express Machine Polishing – A generous amount of Our Cherry Wet Wax is machine applied to the entire painted surface. Your vehicles paint will be protected against the environmental elements for up to 90 days or longer. We remove the wax by hand and massage the paint with soft, plush microfiber towels to give it a super shine! Tires and rubber trim are "dressed" and conditioned to look like new again.

Express Interior Cleaning – Interior is air purged and vacuumed to remove dust and debris. Door panels, dash board and consoles are cleaned with our famous "Tornador" air/water cleaning tool. Carpets and floor mats are pre-spotted and hand scrubbed for stains then soil is "extracted" with our Mytee hot water extractor. Vinyl is "dressed" and conditioned, windows and mirrors are cleaned to perfection!

Pricing – Small Sized Vehicles: $100 ~ Medium Sized Vehicles $125 ~ Large Cars, Vans, SUV’s & Pick-Up’s $150 & up.

Note: If your vehicle’s interior is very dirty, full of pet hair, and the paint is oxidized (faded), full of scratches and swirls this detailing package is not for you. You should consider our other full-service auto detailing services and packages that can be found in the other departments of this web site.

Extra Services – We can also provide Leather Seat Shampooing & Conditioning, Upholstery Soil Extraction, Convertible Roof Protection, Ozone Treatment Odor Removal, Paint Sealant instead of wax (additional 6-9 months of protection) and other services depending on what your vehicle needs. Our "Extra Services" prices varies from $15 and up for each service requested. If you need a complete full-service auto detailing with many of the extra services and a good buffing prior to waxing or sealing the paint you may want to consider one of our full-service Auto Detailing Packages.

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