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Proper Cosmetic Maintenance

It is important to keep you vehicle's paint protected against the environmental elements, hard water, and the suns ultra violet rays. Today's cars are painted with the base coat/clear coat system and the clear coat is soft and needs to be kept clean and protected.

One way of protecting your cars paint and keeping it look new is to have it polished and sealed on a regular basis. Sealants & waxes will act as an invisible barrier and protect the clear coat paint from spotting, staining and getting that rubbery look that clear coats get when they are not protected. Not having your cars paint protected year-round will leave it vulnerable and the elements from the environment can cause damage and reduce your cars resale & trade-in value.

Regular washing of the vehicles paint needs to be done at least every two weeks so that if any pollutants have landed on the painted surfaces from dew or rain can be washed away before they have the opportunity of etching the clear coat paint. Bling Bling Detail King offers VIP Plans in which your car can be protected year round from the environmental elements and keep it "standing tall" all the time!

Be careful not to use automatic car washes with brushes, self serve car washes or touchless washes. Self serve car washes and touchless washes use very concentrated chemicals, pre soaks, and degreasers that will wash away some of the protection and dissipate the shine. Hand washes are best; use car wash soap with wax. The wax in the soap will enhance the shine. Express Wax services are good too because they will help maintain the protection level. We offer Express Wax services with our scheduled regular washes.