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Paint Sealant vs. Wax

Paint Sealants last longer than wax does. There are many types of paint sealants on the market. Bling Bling Detail King uses an Advanced Polymer Sealant. Our Bling Bling Poly Seal is one of the finest, long lasting paint sealant available and we have tried many over the years. The sealant that we use is specially blended for us from a private blending company in Colorado.

Our sealant uses a unique blend of polymers, resin and Zonyl that forms a durable protective coating within 24-48 hours after we apply it to your vehicle. The polymer actually bonds to the paint with a process called "molecular cross linking." Once this process takes place the painted surfaces will be protected from the suns UV rays, acid rain, ocean salt, alkaline rain, and other environmental elements. Our sealant will last 9-12 months, dependent on how the vehicle is cosmetically maintained after it has been detailed.

Some factors that will increase the protection closer to 12 months would be washing the vehicle often, (every week to two weeks is recommended) garaging the vehicle and keeping it away from lawn sprinklers. Lawn sprinklers are a source of very hard water. If sprinkler water lands on your cars surface try to rinse off as soon as time permits. The paint sealant will protect the clear coat. The protection will last longer with regular washes eliminating polluted water like the water that is dispensed from sprinklers.

Having your car washed and waxed is better than not having it protected at all. But wax protection will not last as long as a premium poly sealant and its protection level will dissipate when hot water is used to wash and the suns hot rays can take its toll on the carnauba in the wax. Our Cherry Wax is used by many of our customers on the East coast and in climates where the temperatures are cooler with excellent results.